About Talon Raph

Talon Raph

Director of Programs

As Director of Programs for Alvarez LLC, Talon provides compliant and effective program management for the company’s prime contracts. His efforts in this regard have resulted in the stellar performance ratings that Alvarez enjoys across all metrics, including both CPARS as well as program-specific criteria. Talon also runs point on Alvarez’ capture efforts, managing a team approach to winning and onboarding new vehicles for the company to add to its already powerful arsenal.

In addition Talon is responsible for Alvarez’ complex and proprietary internal sales systems, which are designed to efficiently serve both customers and partners alike. These systems contribute heavily to the company’s industry-wide reputation as a trusted contract prime, and his expert management of these platforms is critical to this success.

Talon has held a variety of roles within the Federal IT space for over a decade. Throughout his career his focal point has remained on both contracts management as well as the interfacing with contracting officers, product vendors, and service providers. Talon is passionate about balancing the needs of the business with those of the program management offices, always striving for compliance and professionalism along the way.

Talon is an avid endurance athlete and outdoorsman living the Rocky Mountain lifestyle. He currently lives with his family in Castle Rock, CO.