Out-of-Band and Two-Factor Authentication, Keystroke Encryption, and Mobile Security

Alvarez LLC is a proud distributor of StrikeForce Technologies—the most unique, and perhaps the best, keyboard encryption solution currently available. Organizations can now protect valuable information from the most common form of data theft in the market today—keyloggers.



ProtectID® is the only authentication platform that works in-band, out-of-band, or as a hybrid solution. Now you can protect your organization’s critical information with multiple authentication methods—all at the same time through one management structure!

ProtectID® is designed to deliver affordable, flexible, and redundant authentication for banks, corporations, universities, government agencies, and social networking websites.

  • VERSATILE – Multiple authentication methods - Out-of-Band, Push, Hard/Mobile/ Desktop tokens and Biometrics.
  • WELL CONNECTED – Multiple interfaces - RADIUS, Citrix, Web, ADFS.
  • EASY TO USE – Easy to provision and use with multi-tier administration and audit logs for compliance.
  • FLEXIBLE DEPLOYMENT – Only solution that can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud or a combination of the two.



Nearly 90% of all data theft is the result of keylogging. GuardedID® is one of the only keyboard encryption tools that prevents 89% of all malware. Protect and prevent data theft by encrypting keystrokes when sending emails and making online transactions.

  • INNOVATIVE – New protection against an identity thief's favorite new tool – keyloggers.
  • PROACTIVE – Works at the deepest level of the operating system to block against keyloggers.
  • SOLIDLY SECURE – Utilizes 128-bit encryption – the strongest, most secure form generally available.
  • WELL-ROUNDED – Protects most Windows applications – MS Office, VPN clients, IM programs and more.


security for mobile devices

MobileTrust The most advanced security suite for Apple & Android mobile devices, protecting user credentials, passwords, online transactions and access to corporate networks. The StrikeForce solution focuses on securing the user credentials rather than trying to detect the malware. The MobileTrust bundle includes six of the most powerful must-have security features.

  • PASSWORD VAULT – Securely stores an unlimited number of passwords with associated websites.
  • ENCRYPTED KEYBOARD – Custom keypad that provides secure input by encrypting keystrokes and preventing the mobile OS from logging the keystrokes.
  • STRONG PASSWORD CREATOR – This useful feature creates strong passwords based on user-defined preferences, and then stores the strong passwords in the password vault for future usage.
  • PROTECTID® SOFT TOKEN – One-Time-Password (OTP) Generator for the industry leading ProtectID authentication platform. Features “one touch” user enrollment.
  • SECURE BROWSER – First application that encrypts your keystrokes allowing you to work through the local browser.
  • SETTINGS – Allows you to control the critical settings on your application, such as backing up and restoring your data and picking your current secure browser.


Keystroke Encryption technology for mobile application developers

The MobileTrust® Keystroke Encryption Software Developers Kit (SDK) is the industry’s only patented Keystroke Encryption technology for mobile application developers.

The MobileTrust Keystroke Encryption (SDK) enables mobile application developers to embed keystroke encryption directly in Apple & Android mobile applications, preventing data loss and data leakage due to mobile malware, operating system vulnerabilities, data dictionaries and keyboard cache files.

  • Corporate Applications
  • Ecommerce Applications
  • Healthcare Applications
  • Banking Applications
  • Billing Applications
  • Loan Applications
  • Government Applications
  • Consumer Applications
  • Gaming Applications