About Emily Clum

Emily Clum

Director of Operations

As Director of Operations for Alvarez LLC, Emily helps further the company’s reputation for unrivaled customer service through her meticulous oversight of its procurement and fulfillment functions, including the processing, delivery, and invoicing of over 1200 task orders worth over $250 million annually. She manages these day-to-day processes out of the company’s Colorado location, which houses both inside sales and operational staff, and ensures that they run efficiently and accurately. She also runs point on a number of the company’s vendor relationships, effectively managing these back-end capabilities to make certain that the operational wheels continue to smoothly turn at Alvarez.

Emily started her career with the company in 2013 in Inside Sales and has steadily progressed her way up to her current leadership position, substantially contributing to Alvarez’ growth and success along the way. In this time, she has gained valuable knowledge and insight with which to develop her role and ultimately benefit our customers and partners.

Emily is a third-generation Colorado native, and she enjoys spending time hiking the beautiful outdoors that the state has to offer with her husband, Brandon, and two daughters, Eveline and Eleanor.